The Gimmicks : A Web3 Animation Project Thriving in a Crypto Winter

• The Gimmicks is a successful Web3 cartoon project that has survived the crypto winter.
• The creators of The Gimmicks spoke at Consensus, discussing their plans for interactive storytelling.
• Their second season, House of Chico, is a mix of South Park, wrestling and crypto that allows NFT holders to vote on what happens to characters.

What is “The Gimmicks”?

The Gimmicks is a successful Web3 animation project that has managed to survive the recent crypto winter. It’s a vulgar animated comedy that blends elements of South Park, wrestling and cryptocurrency together into an interactive storytelling experience. At Consensus 2021 in Austin, the creators discussed their plans for future interactive projects.

What Makes “The Gimmicks” Unique?

What sets The Gimmicks apart from other animations is its use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Through these tokens, viewers are able to vote on what happens to certain characters in the show. This gives viewers an unprecedented level of control over the story and makes them feel like they’re part of it all.

What Is House Of Chico?

House Of Chico is the second season of The Gimmicks and was launched in late October 2020 as a way to show people that even in difficult times for cryptocurrency they still firmly believe in its potential to reshape entertainment. It follows the same formula as before but with a few new additions including more comedic elements and interactive features like DIC punches which stands for decentralized inclusive community but sounds like “dick punch” – essentially an animated version of Facebook pokes!

Who Are The Creators Of “The Gimmick”?

Luisa Huang and John Attanasio are two co-founders at Toonstar – the parent company behind The Gimmicks Project – who were speakers at CoinDesk’s Consensus conference in April 2021. This was their first public appearance since taking up their roles as CEO/Founder respectively and gave attendees insight into where Toonstar is heading next with this project.


The Gimmicks Project is one example of how blockchain technology can be used to revolutionize entertainment experiences through interactive storytelling elements like voting on character arcs via NFTs or sending virtual “hello” messages (DIC Punches). Its success shows no signs slowing down despite difficult market conditions making it one worth watching out for!

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